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What is Laser Engraving?


Laser Engraving is the cutting of text or graphics into the surface of a product (usually metal or glass) to provide an idelible, long lasting form of decoration or branding, that will not scratch off.

As the name suggests, "Laser" engraving uses high intensity light, that is computer controlled providing high precision and detail. This is different to the "rotary" style, hand held engraving found in retail shops and lock smiths.

BIC Promotional Pens

Laser Engraving has NO colour

Laser Engraving cuts your logo through the outer layer of the required product, showing the surface underneath. This most often results in a "tone-on-tone" effect, that is very stylish. No Colour is applied to the product during the engraving process.
(A supplemental process of "Blackening" or "Oxidising" can be performed to make the engraved area Black, however this is not permanent)

Shading is not possible with laser engraving, and all art must be provided in Solid Black and White. Art will be proofed in Black and White. Click Here for Artwork Specs.

Promotional products and corporate gifts are specially made to be laser engraved. Some are made with contrasting materials beneath the surface, so that when the logo/text is engraved, it is more visible. (eg - Pen - Black outer layer - may engrave to show Silver, or Silver pen may engrave to show champagne colour) - however more often than not - engraving provides a tonal change from the outer layer, adding to the elegance of the product finish.

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Examples of laser engraving are below:

BIC Promotional Pens

BIC Promotional Pens

BIC Promotional Pens

BIC Promotional Pens

BIC Promotional Pens

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