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What is Pad Printing?


Pad or Tampo Printing is one of the most common decoration methods used in branding promotional products. This is due to its versatility.

As the name suggests, this type of product decoration utilises a Silicone Pad to Transfer Ink from a Printing Plate to the product being branded.

These pads are manufactured in a range of sizes and shapes to cater for a variety of products.

Implementing correct setup processes, Multiple Ink colours can be printed onto promotional items with great accuracy and close registration.

The only real stumbling block for Pad Printing is when an item is curved. (ie - Mugs) - To avoid the print being distorted as the Pad is pushed too far around the curve (Through the application of pressure), limitations on printable areas are imposed on curved items to ensure that the brand or logo is true to form. This branding limitation is usually overcome by printing in multiple positions/locations on the item, when space is available.

Most Plastic, Acrylic Metal, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Wood, Glass, Ceramic and Leather type promotional products can be decorated using Pad Printing with the correct Ink additives to aid adhesion.

Printing and Setup costs are based on the Number of colours being printed in each position/location on the merchandise item.

NB - If your selected promotional item is Metal and will continuously rub against other hard surfaces (ie - a Keyring and Keys) it is possible that the Ink printed will scratch or wear with time. In this situation, it is suggested that your branding be Laser engraved to aid longevity.

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